The Sunhaven is a great choice for limited space. It's incredible how much you can grow in 64 square feet by utilizing the interior bolt track system that hangs baskets or shelves anywhere!

8' - 7 1/2"
8' - 7 1/2"
7' - 8 1/4"
  • Strong, durable and virtually unbreakable
  • Twinwall polycarbonate offers 50% better insulation compared to single glass
  • Diffuses light for built-in shading to prevent burning rays
  • Cleans easily with soapy water and soft cloth
  • Heavy duty aluminum frame
  • Designed to withstand the heaviest snow loads and highest winds
  • Draft-free, airtight framing system
  • Premium lockable, maintenance free storm door
  • Taller sidewalls, ideal for hanging baskets and tall plants
  • Extension Kit available to increase size at later date for even more growing space
  • Clearly labelled parts and easy to follow DVD + written instructions for trouble free installation
(plus tax and shipping)